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Leading manufacturers and exporters of corrugated boxes in India


True Cartons provides corrugated boards of various configurations as listed below

  • A, C, B, and E single wall

  • AC, AB, BC, BE and CE double wall

  • AAC, ABC triple wall

  • Any other flute combination

  • Boards can be manufactured in 1600 mm width with a cut length of up to 3000 mm

  • Current Capacity: 50 metric tons per day



True Cartons provides packaging box of various type listed below.

  • Slotted Type Boxes

  • Telescope Type

  • Folder & Tray Type

  • Slide Type

  • Rigid Type

  • Ready Glued Boxes

  • Interior Fitment

  • Boxes can be printed in up to four colors flex print and multicolor offset print

  • Box top surface with or without lamination or varnish coating.

  • Current capacity: 500000 boxes per day

Heavy Duty Shippers

heavy duty.png

We custom-make heavy-duty manufacturing solutions as well to provide our customers with bulk packaging products for export-grade shipping. Our designs help control container space to optimize shipping freight. These products majorly cater to heavy engineering goods

  • Full Telescope Design Style Box

  • Full Telescope Half Slotted Box

  • Interlocking Double-Cover Box

  • Lid and sleeve type boxes

  • Hi-strength single, double and triple wall boxes

  • drum packaging boxes

Special Packaging


To cater to the unique needs of our customers True Carton provides various bespoke packaging solutions that are high performance, versatile, convenient, easily disposable and cost-effective.

  • Large Format Boxes

  • Wood and Plywood Replacement Boxes – Hi-Strength AC Flute and AAC Triple-wall Boxes

  • Retail and Shelf Ready Packaging

  •  E Retail Packaging

  • Food Contact Packaging

  • Cushioning and Corner Protectors

  • Modular Cartons

  • Wrap around Trays suitable for automatic lines

  • Large Liquid Barrel/Drum Packaging Boxes

  • Boxes with Wet Strength Kraft Liner Boards, Semi-Chemical Fluting and High Performance

  • Fluting Media

  • Interior Fitments


We Tailor-make products according to your utility! 

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