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We have series of quality checks at almost all stages, which is the way of life at our factory and now we are on our way to the prestigious ISO 9001

Since our products will safeguard your product, we at True Cartons maintain the most stringent of quality checks at every stage, so thoroughly that it has become a way of life at our factory, as a result of which we are a certified ISO 9001 (2015) firm. We do the following quality checks at True Cartons:

  • Raw material stage -

1. Test for GSM

2. Bursting Strength

4. Cobb Value

3. Moisture content

4. Ring Crush Test

5. Glue- Test for Viscosity

  • Final Product

         1. Test for the Bursting Strength

         2. Punching Resistance of the Board

         3. Compression of the box

         4. Pin adhesion test

         5. Moisture content

         6. even board thickness using a caliper

         7. Edge crush

         8. Flat crash tests.

We have the following equipment at our Laboratory:

We Tailor-make products according to your utility! 

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